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The Food Consultants Group (FCG) was formed in 1989 to bring together problem solving and management service expertise for the food industry. Most importantly, we generate low cost leads for our members.

Membership allows access to leads and the skills and experience of other members to be able to prepare more salable proposals and to conduct more client-satisfying projects. We have the ability to put together a project team to compete for the largest consulting projects anywhere worldwide and beyond the scope of any solo consulting business. These cross-functional teams allow you to grow your service base and reach more experts for cost-effective and timely proposals.

The Food Consultants Group web site draws about 250,000 page views a year from targeted visitors, seeking food consulting services. Our members have a combined client list of well over 500 companies representing the top names in the food industry. Members become part of this vast network. is the #1 organically ranked URL when searching for a “food consultant”. The “Food Consultants Group®” is a registered trademark.

The Group capability allows members to create a virtual support office or company tailored to the specific needs and time deadlines of clients through…

  • Listing in our online consultancy directory.
  • An interlink from the Food Consultants Group website to your own site or a page descriptor on our site for you.  You will be listed under your specialties on the site, just as all other members.  With your own site, a return link to our site is requested.
  • Ability to submit your case histories (case studies) from your practice for listing on our web site.  Our case study pages are highly visited.
  • Ability to refer to our web site in your promotional efforts.
  • Potential sub-contract opportunity for any program requiring your specific skills or geographic coverage.

Leads are typically generated in three ways:

  1. We are organically ranked #1 in most search engines, and conduct PPC (Pay Per Click) ads that drives potential clients to our website.  Clients view our members and select the member best suited for them on a direct basis.
  2. Potential clients contact FCG using our website contact form.  Leads are passed to the best qualified members or in some cases multiple members for their varied expertise.
  3. Our members pass many leads along every month to other members.  They also frequently build teams for projects with other members to aid in providing their client a more diversified offering.

Although many members receive the majority of their work through FCG, it is not meant to be your only source of business.  That being said, it is almost always the single most cost efficient lead generator for our members.

Membership Requirements & Dues

Interested in becoming a member? Please use the contact form and select “Membership”.

The Food Consultants Group is a professional membership organization developed as a resource to provide contact information on professionals in the food consulting field. Individuals and companies seeking assistance will make agreements directly with our member's companies, not the Food Consultants Group. See full disclaimer

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