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Client Services

Strategic Business Planning
A clear company vision, mission and sound business plans are key elements to succeeding in the world’s ultra-competitive marketplace. These elements should be ingrained in your company’s daily activities and should be consistently communicated to, and be understood by, everyone in your organization. Shurbake One, Inc. (SOI) will assist in the evaluation, creation, or modification of these key elements for your company.

Product Conceptualization & Sales Forecasting
Successfully developing and introducing a product or service into the marketplace requires a superior understanding of current and projected market conditions, targeted or potential consumers, any real or potential barriers to entry, available or preferred product delivery systems, the competitive environment, and potential retail distribution points.

Trade Channel Marketing
Excellent knowledge of the key policies, procedures, and personnel of trade channels important to the marketing and sale of your product(s) or service(s) can dramatically improve your short and long term successes. SOI is experienced in selling and marketing to multiple trade channels (supermarket, gas/convenience outlets, club stores, warehouses, co-operatives, wholesalers, mass merchandisers, drug stores, food service, franchises, military, institutional, distributors, vending, manufacturers, mass feeders, deli’s, bodegas, airlines, franchise, etc.) on local, regional and national bases. We can assist in developing and implementing programs that will get your product(s) or service(s) “on the shelf and through the register:”

Sales Development
Successfully executing your programs in the very competitive food industry requires an understanding of the complex and costly issues in your targeted channel(s) and access to the key decision-makers. The experienced at SOI can help you access senior level management on a local, regional, and national basis, “Localize” selling strategies for specific markets and sub-markets, develop and deliver “fact-based” sales presentations utilizing syndicated and published data and negotiate introductory distribution costs and programs. identify, interview and hire direct sales or broker network if required.

Distribution Analysis & Development
Differentiated distribution strategies can identify opportunities to get your product(s) or service(s) “to market” profitably and efficiently. SOI has the experience to assist in identifying effective alternative distribution methods.

Implementation & Ongoing Sales Management Assistance
The regular monitoring of actual performance versus planned performance is critical to success. We offer several forms of on-site assistance that can be scheduled on a regular basis to help ensure you are “on-track” to achieve developed objectives including in-store audits to ensure proper pricing, placement, positioning, promotions, packaging, products On going sales management of direct sales force or broker management.

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